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Dimensional Letters

Chicago Sign store offers the highest quality of dimensional letters

Chicago Sign store offers Dimensional Letters using wood, metal, painted, plastic, brass, formed, vacuum, bronze, poly, cut out, cad cut and injection. Dimensional Letters can be used for interior and exterior projects in offices and department stores.

Dimensional Letters and Dimensional Logos are great for all sorts of everyday and practical uses. A permanent indoor wall letter sign can be placed behind your reception area or on a wall in your lobby. They can even be used outdoors to depict your company's name and logo. Letters can be attached to a colored background material and then mounted to a wall, or even directly to the wall itself. They can be hung from the ceiling, to appear right near the doors to your company. Applying Velcro to the back of the letters you purchase allows you to mount them on your tradeshow booth, to be taken down and reused over and over again.

Individually cut dimensional letters and logos that match your brand can add a classy appearance to any building. Different types of materials such as aluminum, acrylic and foam are complemented with custom colors to create the exact look you want.

 Foam Letters

 A high density polystyrene with a durable, laminated veneer on both sides. Good for exterior use. Standard thicknesses from 3/16" to 1 /2". Custom thicknesses available. Painted finish.

 Outdoor Foam

 Foam with an additional clear semigloss coating for greater durability. Ideal for trade shows and high traffic areas.

 Metal on Plastic

 Gives the look and feel of solid metal without the cost. Standard surfaces are polished or brushed chrome and brass. Other metal finishes available. Metal is laminated on acrylic backing.

 Metal on Foam
 Metal laminated to polystyrene. Standard surfaces are brass and chrome. Other substrates and surfaces are available.

 Solid Metal
 Solid aluminum, brass, bronze or copper. Standard thicknesses 1/8" and 1/4". Available in satin or polished finishes. Best durability for exterior use.


 Acrylic material laminated to polystyrene or wood with painted edges. Excellent for interior sign or display use as well as exterior use.

 Subsurface Colored

 Clear acrylic with painted or printed subsurface. Allows a high gloss look that matches any PMS color. Can be laminated to polystyrene or wood to add extra durability.


 A closed cell PVC material that is lightweight and has a tough matte finish 1/8" or 1/4" thick. For interior use.

 Formed Plastic

 Molded plastic designed for outdoor applications in 18 standard colors and many styles. Weather tested with color cast throughout the material. Hollow back. Excellent for exterior use.

 Cut Plastic

 Acrylic plastic in thicknesses 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4". Excellent for exterior use.

 Trimmed Letter

 Acrylic plastic with a 1" or 2" trim wrapped around the perimeter. Trim available in gold, silver or one of 6 other colors. Excellent for exterior use.

 Mirror Laminate

 1/8" mirror acrylic material laminated to a polystyrene core with painted edges. For interior use only. Acrylic Mirror Available in clear and colored acrylic without backing. Interior use only.


 Peel-off backing and pre-spacing allow for easy application at job site. Available in 36 standard colors with additional colors on request. Ideal for exterior and interior.


 Static vinyl sticks to smooth surfaces such as glass and metal without glue. Accepts vinyl and silk screening. Reusable. Interior use only.


 Standard material is 1/2" or 3/4" thick furniture grade birch plywood. Other woods available on request. For exterior and interior.

 Digital Print

 We can digitally print your graphic, laminate to cut-able material and provide a printed finish or cut out graphic.

 Router Carved

 An electronically carved letter with an old world look.


Stainless Steel


We fabricate stainless steel letters. This is the most durable and long lasting outdoor surface.